Increasing The Church By Yourself Through Advertising

Published: 15th April 2013
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So when was the last time your church had an outreach event? Maybe more importantly when was the last time someone got saved from the outreach of your church? How many new members does your church have this year over last year? All of these questions are of some importance to the life of your church. Your church marketing may not be the best if the answers to these questions don't sit well with you.

When you think of church marketing do you know what it looks like? Does it look like a television commercial? A lot of people may even think of flyers to pass out to people. There is no doubt that marketing may take a lot of different forms. What your church needs to do and what you have the budget for may be completely different than what another churches marketing plan needs to be. So read more if you are interested in church growth.

The very first thing you should do is find out about your church. Ask yourself some questions about what the problems your church has would be. Is it possible that you may have a small church that has no desire to grow? Just what is your church willing to do anyway? You should be ready to form a plan after you get some of those answers from the list of questions you came up with.

One thing that I have found a lot of the time is that your church may have a small number of people and none of them have a desire to do outreach. A good chance is that you will not have the funds to do any large scale outreaches. But do not let it get you down. There is still a lot of hope as long as one person holds the flame. Your best option if you are the only one in your church willing to do outreach is to do small things here and there.

A very small thing you may want to consider is putting a website online. It doesn't cost much and can be done by yourself. In most cases you are going to be more than welcome to put a website up. Try to remember that you will need their approval to do this though.

You could even go out and start a door to door ministry yourself to invite people. Go door to door with a survey. A survey is a great way to get your foot through the door in many peoples homes. What you will do is ask some random questions until you get to the important ones. These should be questions about salvation and where they go to church so that you can invite them to your church.

Try out the following questions if you are having a hard time figuring it out. What church do you go to? How many times a month do you go? Does the church hold you to be a member of it? What reasons do you have for not going to a church or for going? Finally you should ask the last question which is always how do you get to heaven?

Asking the questions brought up in the last little bit there will give you some understanding on where they stand with churches. If you want to know why they are not going to come to your church this may also provide that information to you. Whatever you do though don't skip the last question since it is vital. You will get to share the Gospel with them and possibly see them come to Christ.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about ways to market a church alone. This was just to get you started in marketing your church. Try to keep thinking of other ways and then do it.

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